The year is 2050 and the world population reaches 10.000 million inhabitants. The main resources as food and energy are no longer available for all, there is starvation, the world as we know is falling apart; people everywhere is agitated and rebellions begin. The governments become puppets who agree and get ready for the fatal end.

The Council of The Nine, is a secret organization with all the financial control, they have made a drastic decision, to annihilate people and begin a new world under their own rules.

Only a few will enjoy this new society, the privileged people who have paid for their survival and others who are needed as slaves.

On May 8th of 2050 at one o’clock “ANNIHILATION PROJECT” begins. The objective: To exterminate in less than 24 hours 99% of the world population. The weapon used is a mortal virus of latest generation that can be spread by air, food and air.

In a few hours one third of the people have died, at the end of the day only a quarter of the whole population is still alive.  After a 24 hour period the final goal is practically achieved. Thousands of corpses are in the streets, the scene is dantesque. Emergency services can´t take care of the situation, the news travel fast, it´s unstoppable. Chaos, then silence, nobody has survived……or have they?   

A small group of people have been able to survive on behalf of a strange genetic disorder. Marcus Keyton (43 years old) is one of them; he is a new technologies teacher. After the initial chaos Keyton finds his wife Lidia (42 years old) who has succumbed to the mortal virus, and his daughter Elyan (17 years old) has been kidnapped by the new government forces.

His only objective is to recue Elyan. In his way he is helped by others survivors, and together give birth to The Resistance. The group will be hunted by soldiers and drones, and also by others groups of survivors who have lost all human condition.