Spring comes to the small community of Mainland. With the first thaws, a strangely mutilated body makes its appearance. The victim is Megan Miller, a young woman who disappeared during the last winter, which thought of themselves that had fled the ferry during a love dalliance. 

Rebecca Doyle runs a bookstore in Mainland. Lewis, a young local agent quite indiscreet and infatuated of Rebecca, reveals the details of how he found the body of Megan. Also on the island knows everything… 

The news runs how gunpowder sowing fear in the town, something since the Council of entrepreneurs of fishing and the Mayor’s office does not see with good eyes of face to the new season of fishing, the main attraction of Mainland. Samuel Green, a humble sub-inspector of police that not live their best moments after the separation of its women, is assigned to the case. 

Rebecca, bitten by curiosity and the isolation that gives your library, investigates the death of Megan coming to a terrible conclusion: the modus operandi of the murderer is exactly like the one described by his great-grandfather, Arthur Conan Doyle, in an old manuscript that she inherited. Killer seems that I had read the manuscript, something which is impossible, since it is a unique copy owned by the family and was never released.

For Rebecca is converted in something personal, when a second body of a prostitute appears in the same circumstances and exactly equal of detailed that in another chapter of the manuscript. Doyle will have that convince to the detective Green, of that there is a serial killer following to the foot of the letter them murders written tens of years back by his illustrious great-grandfather. Rebecca must think as the murderer to stop him before this Act again.